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Pankesh Bamotra

ML Engineer, Autodesk

I am a data scientist and I work on image classification, visual search, and object detection.

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2020 lockdown blues inspired me to create, draw, sketch, cut, and fold. I'm lovin' it.



I love to read books ranging from political thought, economics, philosophy, and ofcourse machine learning & programming. For that matter, this list is never-ending.

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Working with broken images in Pytorch

Too often I’ve found myself in this problem with Pytorch where the dataloader doesn’t work because there’s a bad image in the dataset. One solution would definitely be to write a module that loads each image and then deletes the


Efficiently processing large image datasets in Python

I have been working on Computer Vision projects for some time now and moving from NLP domain the first thing I realized was that image datasets are yuge! I typically process 500GiB to 1TB of data at a time while